Temporary Maritime Restricted Zone.

A Temporary Maritime Restricted Zone (TMRZ) will be Implemented on Dec 2 nd and 3 rd between 9:00 AM & 2:30 PM each day. The implementation of a TMRZ will mean:

  • No vessel of any type, or description is permitted within the restricted zone.

  • All beach activity is permitted


The TMRZ will be established between, areas labeled North (A), located at Heritage Club)and South (A),located at the beach area just to the north Governors House).Extending outward ,for half a mile(½ a Mile)to North (B) and South (B),with a distance between North (B) and South (B)of1.20miles.


North (A) 19° 21'30"N & 81° 23'18"W                                                North (B) 19° 21'21"N & 81° 23' 44"W

South (A) 19° 20'32"N & 81° 22'55"W                                                South (B) 19° 20'24"N & 81° 23'25"W


* Please note GPS format is Deg. Min. Sec. (DMS)*

Temporary Maritime Restricted Zone