Skip Stewart

The Cayman Islands Air Show is pleased to present Stewart and his PROMETHEUS biplane.

Like a streak of blazing lightning from an ominous sky, air show performer Skip Stewart blasts into view in a high-flying aerobatic symphony. Skip and his plane will tear through a high alpha pass on takeoff, then proceed to rock the most jaw-dropping maneuvers down to 1-foot off the ground. PROMETHEUS doesn't specialize in haircuts but get ready for a close shave.

PROMETHEUS the flying machine is part Pitts Special and the rest is the vision of Skip Stewart. Starting life as a Pitts S-2S, Prometheus was modified to give Skip the airshow machine he wanted. This flying machine looks like a good old American hot rod. The horsepower was increased to (400), the big three bladed prop reminds you of oversized racing slicks, the rear canted landing gear makes it look fast sitting on the ground and the paint job yells "street rod."